Hi thanks for visiting my about page! 

The main bits you need to know are below, however if you are looking for my media pack you can find this here.

  • I'm in my (now mid) 30's
  • Have been with the lovely wife for 15 years but took us 11 years to get married.
  • I'm a Dad, 2 girls - Little legs (10) & The Teenager (19.... will have to start calling her Ashleigh soon!)
  • I work in the world of Employee Benefit Consulting, and spend most of my day talking about absence management, death and disability (its not as boring as it sounds honestly!)
  • I'm a mad Spurs fan, please don't let that put you off though!
  • I'm also a school governor
  • I love gadgets.....when I say gadgets I mean literally anything to do with technology
  • And finally but certainly not least I am a mad twit....as in I love to Tweet, my twitter is @dadyougeek (if you have been paying attention you will know why I chose that name)
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Well that's enough about me for now, if you are reading this get in touch as I would love to hear about you!