Samsung S8 Plus - My Thoughts

So if you have read any of my tech related posts or follow me on any form of social media you will know that I am a massive Apple fan boy, my phone history has been dominated by the iPhone apart from a brief flirt back to an android phone with the HTC One..... needless to say we didnt get on!

So when I was approached by Three to test out a brand new Samsung S8 Plus I jumped at the chance! Not only had I read about this handset in the run up to the release but have also been a fan of its predecessors the S7 and more importantly the S7 Edge.  I have also been intrigued with what Samsung have been doing with the Samsung Gear 360 camera and Gear VR.

When looking at a new phone my wants arent overly complicated for me it is broken down into these simple areas (in no particular order):

  • Design - I like the phone to look and feel good
  • Great Camera - this is not an area I am willing to compromise on, my phone is always my go to camera so has to be pretty good and able to take great pictures
  • Apps - I have a core set of apps that I use religiously for making notes, editing blog posts, picture editing as well as social (although these are all catered for!)
  • Battery - The battery life on the phone needs to be as good as or better than my current phone, nobody wants battery issues when switching phones!

So to keep things simple with a review these are the areas of the Samsung I will be commenting on.  It is worth noting now that this is not a paid post from Three or Samsung so my review will be an honest and simple one looking at the above areas.


Just look at these pictures.... I think the design of the Samsung speaks for itself, the screen a 6.2"Quad HD infinity display is excellent, the colours look great and the touch screen is better than previous samsung versions! 

Holding the phone it feels good and is solid, and the way the screen is right up to the edge of the phone is a real bonus.

The finger print scanner scanner being right next to the camera lens at first seemed like such a daft idea, although after a while I found a way for it to feel comfortable using it, the iris scanner is also a touch of genius, although you do look like a bit of a fool keep holding the phone up so high.  People will think you are continuely taking a selfie of yourself everytime you unlock your phone in this way!

One area I was slightly disappointed was the loud speaker, as it only has one speaker it isn't as good as other phones out there, but as long as you are not one of those annoying people who walk down the road listening to music through your phone all the time then I don't imagine this being a big issue for you! 


Ok this is a simple one to answer, the camera is simply the best camera I have ever used on a mobile phone, it is (I think) even better than the iPhone, being able to switch it to a pro mode and adjust setting such as the ISO, shutter, exposure settings etc without the need for a third part app is simply brilliant!

Below are a selection of photos I managed to take with the phone that shows off just how good the camera is...... In case you are failing to notice I am a big fan of the camera!

Did I tell you or not that the camera was good? 


One reason I have never really get on with android based phones is my frustration with some of the apps, in the past these were not built specifically for a handset, unlike Apple, where all the apps in the app store have one set of specs to design to, the android apps have been designed to try and fit similar handsets so didn't always work so well.  In the main these seems to be sorted however I did notice that Instagram wasn't quiet right!  But I am sure that it is just a matter of time before that changes.

I still have the big hang up that I have heavily invested in the Apple App Store so would cost me a fair bit to transfer and pay for me to download the apps again!  Why app developers haven't sorted a way to resolve this.

A massive downside to me is that there is still no Over for android, but that isn't Samsung's fault!  


One big advantage in the past with Samsung phones is the ability to change the battery, so when travelling or out for a long day you could just carry a spare battery, thisappears to not be the case any longer! This is not an option on the S8!  Although from my usage this isn't an issue as the phone didnt die in a day, not once despite heavy use! Not even when I was taking loads of photos and videos.  More importantly on days when I was very busy at work with meetings etc the phone could easily last a couple of days, I will be the first to admit that this is not the case with my iPhone 7 Plus.  Whether this will change the older the phone gets only time can tell..... but as the phone is now back safely (I hope) with Three I will never know!

Here is the disclaimer bit, I would like to thank Three for sending this phone out to me to trial, if you want to find out more what deals three are able to offer have a look here 

This is not a paid review and all thoughts, images etc are my own! 

If you have any questions give me a shout would be more than happy to answer them!