Half term in Devon!


This February half term we spent a few days in Devon.... it was great! But lets get one thing clear before I get into detail about what we are got up to:

Devon is closed until March.....

Ok I say this in jest but the one reoccurring theme across the whole week was exactly that, a number of the places (shops, cafes, attractions etc) we went to were pretty much closed apart from a few great places that were open!

It is February so you cannot blame them and as this picture shows, it was pretty cold and the Teen and Mel moaned at me a number of times that it was too cold to go for a walk along the beach! 

Even though a lot was closed we still made the most of it!!

To start with I should point out that none of this post is sponsored, we booked a deal through the Sun Holiday thing (which I have always been skeptical about) however the accommodation only cost £170ish pounds for the week.  It was a great affordable way to visit Devon in my view.

We opted to stay at Golden Coast Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park, it was one if their new Bronze New Wave caravans.  Suitably impressed with the room and quality of these, ok it is not a 5 star room and I didn't do a Youtuber style room tour, but grabbed a couple of pictures so you can get a feel of what it was like! The main benchmark for me is a decent bed which this did have as well as a decent size stove and great fridge...... All good in that department! 

The site at Golden Coast is pretty good, like the rest of North Devon there are hills so if you are thinking of visiting just bare that one in mind!  Golden Coast had two indoor pools open when we visited, we stay to the quiet one as we often had this to ourselves, where as the main larger pool always seemed a lot busier.  A Bonus that the smaller one was nearer to the caravan.

I imagine in the summer the out door pool with the slides would be a big hit, however the only ones getting enjoyment out of that his time of year were the ducks, and it was great weather for them! 

They also have an awesome looking wave surfer body boarding machine but neither me or the teen were brave enough to give this ago! Perhaps next time.

The great thing about Woolacombe Parks is that you can use any of the parks in the area that are in the same group, unfortunately Golden Coast was the only park open this year.  When booking some of the extras they also mentioned lodges coming this year with Hot Tubs that we really want to go back and try but again they don't open until March.

On the Tuesday we took a drive along the coast to Ilfracombe, which is home to the Damien Hirst statue Verity which I found mesmerising.... according to a local I spoke to this caused a bit of an out cry when it was put up but I think it is fantastic!  The view from the beach and harbour were magnificent

There was very little else open, apart from a  cracking fudge shop called Roly's Fudge, I am not sure if this is a chain or not but they made great fudge and have a facebook page here  

Wednesday we went to a place my mum recommended, called Clovelly.  A private village on the coast that has no cars in it........ because it is to bloody steep and they would all end in the sea.  I was confused why we had to pay but when I researched a little more about Clovelly I really like the ethos the owner has, trying to keep it a working village and there fore keeping the rents low and only letting them to families that want to live in the town permanently and not use it as a weekend / holiday home.

I wouldn't fancy the walk in the height of summer, but again a few of the tea rooms etc were closed and from what we could see only the hotels were open.

As the weather was bad we spent late Wednesday afternoon creating our own mugs back at Golden Coasts which I found very addictive! What do you think of our creations?

Eventually on Thursday the sun decided to make an appearance just in time for us to visit Lynton and Lynmouth.  A gorgeous town or maybe even two towns separate by a cliff.  Catching the Lynton Cliff railway up from Lynmouth to Lynton to have a wander around, enjoy a cream tea and look at the amazing panoramic view across to South Wales.... which you could just about make out.

After our trip in the morning to Lynton and Lynmouth (or is it the other way around?!) we decided we wanted to go back to Ilfracombe as the sun was now shining, and glad we did.  Mel was craving some Fish and Chips, and being so close to the coast we certainly were not disappointed.  We went into a great pub on the Harbour call The Pier and all three of us enjoyed some fantastic cod, which I had to share with you above along with the moorish cream tea we had earlier that afternoon! 

With the weather being so nice on Thursday I knew this would mean a strong probability that there would also be a great sunset, although we stayed in Woolacombe or on the outskirts we didn't really venture into the town that much as the weather wasn't fantastic, but I certainly wasn't going to miss the opportunity to grab some great sunset pictures! 

With the wind picking up the girls didnt like my plan but were happy for me to go off and do my thing and spend an hour or so walking along Woolacombe beach.  Having this time on my own is great, there is no rush for me to snap a picture and then move on and I can sit and enjoy the view!  I did my first Instagram Live from here just showing the view I had, which was a well worn rock on the sea front by some very dangerous looking rocks which I decided needed exploring. 

Here are some of the pictures I managed to grab on the Thursday night.

We really enjoyed our time down in Devon and want to go back when it is a bit warmer and more of the shops and restaurants are hopefully open ha ha.  I certainly would go back to a Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park as well.  One thing that can certainly be said is all the staff we came into contact with were very friendly and welcoming and couldn't do any more to make you feel welcome! 

Until next time Devon!