My first piece of wearable tech: Pebble

Being a bit of a geek I am always looking at what is coming in the future tech world.  

Midway through 2012 I was browsing through Kickstarter and stumbled across an item from a company called Pebble Technology looking for backers of a customisable watch that could connect to your phone and provide notifications, us sports / fitness apps!!  I instantly knew that I wanted this watch! 

Fast forward to Christmas 2013 and the missus had ordered mine and it arrived 

Opening the  Pebble ... well out the envelope at least!  

Opening the Pebble... well out the envelope at least!  

Now the bad news (kind of) I had to wait 20+ days for Christmas day to get my hands on it as the missus (quiet rightly wouldn't let me open it until Christmas Day), and when I finally did I was not disappointed at all.   I had spoke on Twitter with a number of people who already received theirs but it was really satisfying to get to play with the Pebble!

First off setting up the Pebble and connecting it to my iPhone was a doodle, literally took a couple of minutes, I then downloaded a number of different new watch faces from mypebblefaces and I still can't decide which one I like best.  There are also a number of cool apps such as SmartWatch+, httpebble, and pebblesnap.

Since getting the Pebble my phone has pretty much been on silent, this makes things easier when at home as I can pick and choose which texts, calls, tweets to respond to without having to have my phone glued to my hand!  It also helps during meetings when I can see if any urgent emails come in that need my attention or if the wife needs to get in contact urgently (hopefully this will never be the case)

Finally I am really looking forward to the launch of a new software update for the Pebble at the end of January and the launch of the official App Store,  as well as trying this swimming with a lap counter app (did I forget to mention that this bit of tech is water proof)

Like all successful tech there is a great community around the pebble, this was reinforced yesterday when Pebble's official account retweeted a tweet asking people to #ShowYourFace and since then have had many many replies.  

If you are looking for your first bit of wearable tech then I certainly recommend you add the Pebble to your list!