Is this the future of parenting?

You may have seen my previous post about my first piece of wearable tech, however listening to the recent guardian tech weekly podcast, could your kids soon be wearing some tech to help you track them?

Anyone with a smart phone can already track friends (with their permission) with certain apps, for example Find Friends on the iPhone.  

However would you go a stage further and get your child to wear a watch size device that enables them to be tracked and contacted if need be?

This is the idea behind the KMS Wristband, it is a GPS tracker / phone that enables you to

  • track your child's location
  • a panic button function that enables them to call up to 5 emergency contacts with just one click of a button
  • customisable geo route fencing so you are alerted (by call or text) if they stray from a designated safe route.
Photo Credit: KMS Wristband

Photo Credit: KMS Wristband

As a parent I can see the advantages to this:

Peace of mind when children are walking to and from school or playing over the local park.   But is this taking parenting to a whole new level? (has the phrase micro parenting been used yet?)

What age would be too old for a child to wear this?  I agree with many reports that this could give children extra independence and enable them to explore with friends in a safe way with out feeling like they are constantly being watched by their parents.

I decided to ask the youngest her views:

Should we embrace technology such as this?  A google will bring up a number of other makes of similar devices, and what cost would you put on the safety of your kids?

I think this is only the start for many devices that enable us to track our children's movements plus more, but should we adopt these, what about the security of the data these devices collect?

A lot of questions raised in my head so far, but what do you think?