An Open Letter to Graze

Dear Little brown box of goodies

We are in the early stages of our relationship, and I think things are going well, actually they are going very well.

I try not to think to deeply about the meaning of our relationship (you know I pay you money, I get nice snacks fortnightly in return) but I think we are ready to take this relationship to the next level.

I know you have a lot more to offer me and I welcome this as and when it comes, but I think we need to concentrate on the burning issue that has been niggling at me, I tweeted about my love of your afternoon tea infusion and how I would like this more often, you seem to appreciate this, however I was surprised to see you have been sharing this tea about...  a fair bit by the looks of things, infact you seem to have quite a following! 

I don't know what this means for our relationship, but your tea is that good that if you continue to provide the goods I think I can live with the fact you have not been 100% faithful!   But I want more, of the tea I mean!  I would go so far as to say its becoming like a drug to me and I want you to provide more... in bulk! 

Well I have just had another tea and looks like I will need to wait a fortnight at least until I get another.... I'm not sure I can wait this long.

Anyway I feel better that I have told you my true feelings and I hope you understand! 

Write to me soon.

Love Dadyougeek


If you are reading this and thinking I have gone mad... you might be right but I truly do love Graze Afternoon Infusion tea.... so much I want it every day, but its not for sale!

If you have not heard of graze, head over to graze and have a look, if you want to try a box free then use the code JOHNR7Y2B.

This is not a sponsored post just a desperate plea for more tea.....