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Ello Logo

A cheeky title to this post, its not a chat up line honestly!

I am actually talking about the new social network called Ello!   It is a very simple network, with no ads and one that claims it will never sell on your data etc (until they need more money etc ... sorry I am sceptical).

I have been using it for about a week, and admit so far it has been slow, very few people I know on it is making it difficult, as well as the fact there is no app for it, means I rarely look at it if I am not on my computer! 

At present its by invite only but seems reasonably interesting and I am looking forward to see how it goes, one difference which I do like, is how you can follow people (just like twitter and Facebook) and a person knows you have followed them, but you can then mark them into one of two categories, Friends or Noise (I love this description) but they don't know which category you have put them in.

Anyway just a heads up for you who like to try something new, below is a video giving a brief summary: