Could posting pictures of our kids online put them at risk?

A thought provoking headline, and one that you would no doubt have (or should have) considered in the past (if you are a parent or have youngsters in your close family!) 

Today I was listening to one of my favourite geek podcasts, the Guardian Tech Weekly podcast and this is a topic that come up on an episode a few weeks ago and thought I would share this story with you.

The full article is on the website here (I recommend you all go read this) and tells the story of Linda Geddes and how a quick moment of pride had potentially spoilt things for a friend who recently had a baby....

It made me think about the pictures I share (on here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few) and what information I am revealing about the youngest as well as that of close friends children, as the teen is now an adult and can easily give or remove consent when sharing pictures, but technically the youngest is not able to do this.

I have often thought about this topic and have discussed in the past with AVG on  how I share pictures, where we are when sharing them  and can people, using this information Identify where we live, goes to school etc.

In this modern age it is so easy and to be honest nice to share little moments of life with your close friends, it keeps people up to date on what you and your family are up to, especially as we all are leading a busy life but at what cost now and in the future.

Could a picture come back to haunt the kids at a later date when looking for a job or applying for university?

I do wonder how many of you on Facebook have considered this and how many of you have locked down your security settings so that only certain people and not general public can see your posts?

After all if you have locked down your security settings for their protection this still doesn't stop your friends and family uploading pics of them and not having adequate security settings.

It is worth noting that the Guardian have also provided some alternatives if you don't want to use social media on this article, I was going to right a blog post about what I use but might save that for a later date as this article covers most of it off.