New Apps: Push and Drop

Two new apps that are starting to cause a bit of buzz in tech circles are "Push" and "Drop".

Push created by the ever popular Instasize makers Munkee Apps, Push as it sounds will push notifications to your device and allows you to follow topics from different sources from news sources like the BBC, CNN, Google Trends to name a few.

This will then push notifications to you as well as give you access to an easy feed for information rather than having to search a number of different sites, I will see how much longevity this app has in time.

The second new app Drop is similar to Push but does not require registration and will again allow you to create and subscribe to channels and receive push notifications for these, on first view of this there seems to be very few UK news sources for this but this may change.

I guess the selling point of both is that you do not need to add a load of different news apps to keep up to date.