Save your TwitPic photos now.... I bet you forgot you even had any?

Way back when I first started using twitter, sharing pictures was a right pain in the back side, then along came a guy called Noah Everett who was launching a service called TwitPic, for a long while this was the best and most reliable service and way to share pictures on twitter.

Credit: Twitpic / Noah Everett

Credit: Twitpic / Noah Everett

Eventually I stopped using this mainly due to the likes of Instagram and the face that twitter started storing pictures and letting you share them, the sad news is that Twitpic a few months ago stopped allowing users to use its service, and was I believe looking for a buyer to keep the service running and continue the ethos.  

This was not possible and today it announced it had agreed to give Twitter access to the Twitpic domain and photo archive, read the full blog post here for more details.

There is no confirmation as to yet how long this will be for and for how much longer your pictures will be stored so it is my suggestion that you request a Download Link NOW!!! to save your data.

I have done just that, I logged into twitpic for the first time in years and found a few photos that I am not sure I have saved elsewhere so would be a shame to loose these, and the good thing it took all of a couple of minutes.

To get your download link all you need to do is:

  • log in to your account
  • Click on settings
  • Follow the steps at the bottom of this page, but be careful as the delete account is on the same page.

I will be downloading mine and then deleting my account as I will no longer have a need for it!