Updated: Murder, deception and intrigue, this is real life... and a podcast!


Have you listened to it yet??? If not why not it is a really great podcast, it drags you in, makes you question the case and what the police did and more importantly didn't do!  The podcast has become the No 1 podcast in iTunes and now has a fan podcasts, one that I also listen to is the slate, serial spoiler podcast as they dissect that weeks podcast and discuss what we have learned!

If you are listening to it let me know your thoughts, do you think he is guilty, if not why not and vice versa! 

Credit: SerialPodcast.org

Credit: SerialPodcast.org

I love the radio, any idiot that knows me will know this fact, but what only a few will know, is that I am a massive fan of Podcasts, so much so I feel they are better than live radio at times, you get to listen to your favourite shows etc when you want, but one big bonus is you get to hear content from around the world.

That is what this blog post is about, I have listened to 'This American Life' on and off for a while now, but then I heard about a new podcast from the same creators called 'Serial', a podcast that is designed so that you listen to them in order.  

The podcast is narrated by Sarah Koenig and will walk us through a story, not a fictional one but a real one.  The story centres around the disappearance of a young girl back in 1999 and who has been charged with the murder and is this the correct person, you get backgrounds plus a whole load of other information.   I really don't want to give away much more as I feel it will spoil the podcast for you.  I have listened to the first 6 episodes.

I listened to the first one on a commute into London and instantly wanted to here the next, but they are only released every Thursday, now I am gripped and really look forward to the release of a new episode.

Go check it out and let me know what you think..... I am also thinking of doing another post about what else is on my podcast subscribe list!