Christmas presents for your geek

So more and more of us are becoming a little bit geeky (come on admit it.......), most of you now love your phone and would be lost without it as well as other bits of tech in your life.  

With Christmas only around the corner I thought I would share with you some of my tech accessories that you could get for that special someone in your life.... as well as some tech I would love to receive this Christmas.... 


Breffo Spiderpodium

Breffo are one of those great British brands, and make some excellent accessories for your tech, I have a Spiderpodium in my car and it fits almost every phone, as you will see it will secure phones in and out the car and is an excellent travel accessory!  A bargain at £15, and if you look closely you will be able to get a discount on your first order if you subscribe to their mailing list

Bluelounge Cable drops

I used to hate my desk, until these little beauties come into my life, they are simple yet so effective!

These can be picked up on amazon for about £10 and are a great little treat or stocking filler.



Knomo phone sleeve

Knomo are one of my favourite brands, I first come across these when I started a new job in the city and picked up a leather messenger back, since then I have loved loads of the items they have released, including the cheeky little knomad organiser.  But moving on to the phone sleeve, they make these for a number of different brands and are of excellent quality! I hate phone cases but like to keep my phone protected and this is ideal.  These can be picked up for £25 from their website.


Shoulderpod S1

I have seen this product in a number of reviews and is on my list for this Christmas, a very simple yet effective product.  If like me you or a loved one use your phone a lot to video and take pictures this could be the accessory for you!  Currently available from the Shoulderpod site for €29.90 

etouch gloves 

This are a must have for everyone these days, I have a paid of North Face etip gloves but the fingertips no longer work for phone screens, so will be needing to get a new pair or a cheap pair as nearly everywhere now is doing them, from £5 at Primark to £10 from Muji which are really good ones.




Anker Astro SE

We carry around so much tech these days and as everyone knows the batteries are good if they last a day.    There are many portable battery charges available these days but Anker are a really  make some of the best charges at reasonable costs, I have seen this available for approx £26 

MU Folding Plug

Another one for my list .... most phone charges are great but if you are carrying them in your bag they are just not practical, the pins stick out and can scratch other tech in your bag, this looks like a great little gadget, a little bit pricey at £15 but probably worth it if you travel a fair amount or a are a commuter.