When is the right time to tell them.....

I hate secrets / lies.... but at this time of year we all tell our children one! 

Madam really happy to see #FatherChristmas today #VSCOcam

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I am not a bah! humbug, I love Christmas!  

A fantastic time of year to spend time with the family, eat some fantastic food (and drink for those of you that like to partake) but over the last few years I have been saying to the missus "this is the last year".

What am I on about?  

Well I don't actually want to type the words but you know! Our youngest is now 10, but I cannot tell if she knows the truth or not!  If she doesn't then she is playing a blinder this year and is very excited and has been getting involved at every opportunity!

Being in year 5 at school I am conscious that some kid at school is going to spoil it for those that still believe, but should we tell her the truth after this Christmas? or just pick up the pieces when she finally does find out?

I am happy to let the belief continue until such time but am really not sure when the right time to sit her down and have the second most difficult conversation with your kids (1st being birds and the bees).