Everyone loves a good wrap

Customising your gadgets can be expensive! But with new a gadget this can also be troublesome, especially if they are not sold in the UK etc

I have not been shy about sharing my love for my Pebble.  It was the first bit of wearable tech I purchased (and no doubt won't be the last), and is currently only available to people in the UK if you order this direct from the website (based in the US).

Watching this gadget go through funding with Kickstarter to watching it grow in its first few months, one thing I noticed pretty quickly was the number of wraps available for the Pebble, however most of the sites were based in the US, naturally! 


But my joy when I noticed in December that a new site pebblewraps.co.uk opened a twitter and instagram account and then website was under construction! 

I approached them early on offering to trial a few of the wraps and am very pleased to say that they agreed and sent me a number of colourful and varied colours.  Watch my video here: