Let's talk about Netflix....

So 18 months or so ago, I got the excellent gift of Apple TV... I was over the moon, but one little gem I wasn't expecting to love at the same time was Netflix....

The built in app was a god send that led me to signing up to the 30 days free trial!  

Now to be honest I didn't have much time to use it during that month so didn't renew initially!  Then I read an article about the TV series Damages and wanted to watch it! This was my queue to return to Netflix and sign up, as I don't really want to clutter up the place with any more DVD's.

Since then I have enjoyed hours of content and am continuing to! Last year my favourite TV program for years was aired exclusively on Netflix.... If you haven't seen House of Cards yet then I strongly recommend it!   

Now I have heard complaints that Netflix doesn't have the most up to date library but they are continually refreshing it, and if you follow them on twitter you get to hear about all the changes! 

Now you may have heard about Netflix binging and I highly recommend it to anyone who has had a bad week or is feeling a bit under the weather! I recently started rewatching the Heroes tv series! 

If you are considering signing up to an on demand service I can certainly recommend it, and my list of must watch include:

  • House of Cards (season 1 & 2..... I hear 3 has been commissioned as well)
  • Orange is the new black or OITNB for short
  • Breaking Bad
  • Homeland
  • Avengers (Film)
  • Shelock (series 1 &2)

And this is just a few of the recommended! 

No doubt I will be preaching to the converted for some of you so please share what your fav's are! 

Finally they recently introduced a nifty little feature to enable you to setup different users under one account which is a god send as I kept receiving recommendations to watch crap that the teen loved! 

You can also answer a few questions to get further customised recommendations! 

If you haven't then pop over and have a look!