Pictures for your blog?....have you looked at Getty Images?

It has often been an issue for me, finding decent photo's for the blog if the post doesn't have one I have taken to go with it, I don't want to save a computer off google images that I don't have the rights for and often the free ones you can find aren't always the best.

This week on one of my many journeys for work I was listening to the BBC Click podcast, and they had a guy from Getty images talking about why they have opened up their library for free and how people can use them now free on their websites or blogs. 

If you are not aware of this then go and have a look at getty images site, they have something like 35 million photos that you can now use for free.  The only catch is that the images will be framed and will link back to Getty's website (I know this will put some people off).

It is pretty simple to do, find the image you want


Hover over the image you want and then a preview will appear

Then click on the </> button and the embedded code will appear






All you need to do then is copy and paste that code on to your site to get the full image as per below

This will add all the image as well as the credit for the photo etc.

Ironically I think I may have breached certain rights with my screen grabs but I am sure it will not cause any issues.

Hopefully you find this useful, would like to know if the way in which Getty display the images causes you concerns, or are you happy with that?

Personally I think I will use this more often though than the free image sites!