Help me save Brentwood Platelet Donation Centre #SaveBrentwoodPDC

I don't often ask you all to sign up to things but please consider signing this petition for me.

Most will know I give platelets to help those seriously ill that are unable to produce their own, this can be cancer patients, seriously ill adults, children and babies.

For each donation I give it goes on to help upto 3 adults or 12 children.  They are considering the closure of Brentwood donation centre, which is the nearest platelet centre, and one which produces a lot of the supplies for England.  If they close the nearest will be Cambridge or Edgware which is to far for the hundreds of people who donate at the centre!

The location of the centre is in a very nice part of Brentwood and the land it sits on could be sold for a few million pounds which I believe is the very short sighted reason for the potential closure.

Please sign petition here, thanks for your support!