Stepped outside with Little Geek

The little one has been on half term this week, and I hadn't planned on taking a day off because work is very busy at the mo, but decided it wasn't really fair on her so had Friday off.

Whilst thinking what to do I remembered that Maggie at Step Outside Guides had sent me a guide some time ago, after showing the book to little geek it took her all of 2 seconds to agree to my plan to follow the book and go for a nice (6k ish) walk around London.

Now if you haven't heard about these books, then check out their website as there are 6 books all guiding you around parts of London with things to look out for whilst walking about this brilliant city.

The book we had was If Statues Could Talk, this is as the title suggests a tour of London following or hunting for different statues using the book as a guide.  The little one loved the book she read through it on the tube on the way to London and was very excited when we got to Westminster underground and started our hunt for the statues.

This amazing books gives you access to Westminster Abbey for free (which is amazing when you see that is costs £18 for an adult to enter the Abbey), and we had to find 7 statues in here which was made slightly more difficult by the crowds as it was very busy! 

Being a born and bread Londoner I admit I have never been in the abbey but so glad I have, there is so much to look at in there from famous burial sites to some amazing architecture.

Once we left the Abbey we went on a walk through St James Park or planned to we took a diversion via Whitehall so we could see the soldiers on parade at Horse Guards and also need some lunch, I was thinking a nice sandwich, but the little geek wanted a McSandwich instead but we took this back to the park (Parenting fail).

On a side note, why do we not have rubbish bins anywhere in London anymore, I carried our rubbish all the way back to Trafalgar square!

The book then took us on a tour of the square to find some famous guy called Nelson and also see what was on the fourth plinth before heading over to near The Strand to have a chat with Oscar Wilde, check out the pictures of Little Geek with both! 

Then a quick trip on a double decker, which my daughter advised me is the first time she has been on one (and I think she might be right!), once off the bus I felt like I was on home turf, as I used to work in the Fleet Street area but the book guided us off down some back alleys, which I loved as I am always looking for little escapes to eat my lunch between meetings when I am in the city and this certainly did on our hunt for Dr Johnsons house and to find Hodge! 

Following a swift walk upto St Paul's via a few more statues that I had never noticed before we finished with a rest in a secret little place to view the delight of St Paul's in New Change! 

Had a really good day and learned some new things about London, but my calf muscles were aching the day after!!

Looking forward to working our way through another Step Outside Guide, but not sure which