Some great features added with iOS 8

Have you downloaded iOS 8 yet? 

Photo Credit: Apple Inc.

Photo Credit: Apple Inc.

According to stats released by apple conversion is up to 45% currently which is not bad, but no doubt a few people have been put off due to the massive amount of space you need to update the iOS.

A quick tip, if you don't want to download the update via your phone / iPad you can still do this the old fashion way by connecting your device to your computer and updating via iTunes!

Now as for iOS8 there are some great additions to this:

  • Battery Usage
    • ou can now see which apps are draining your battery most, this is added into the usage part of the settings menu. 
  • Touch ID in 3rd Party Apps.
    • ouch ID will not be new to iPhone 5s users but the fact that you can now use this on certain 3rd Party apps.  So far for me this works very well for Day One app.
  • 3rd Party Keyboards
    • pple have updated the Apple keyboard, but for the first time 3rd party keyboards are accessible on the iPhone.  SwiftKey is an excellent one which i use but go and have a look there are a few now in the app store.
  • Updates to messaging app and additions of voice notes and quick video sharing
    • or me this is a god send, not because I do a lot of group messaging but because the teen does so she can now mute some of them.  As well as adding the do not disturb function to individual message, the ability to share current location as well as any easy access to attachments shared within the message.
  • Handoff - ipad / Mac intergration
    • A previous post has talked about issues using this and a fix, but this is a great little addition to the iOS.  It enables you to start reading a website on your phone for example but then easily continue reading that on Mac or iPad without having to re enter site address, or on emails for example save the email as a draft and then re open on another device, it all works nice and seamlessly.
  • Interactive notifications
    • his enables you to quickly respond to the notification from within other apps etc, quickly respond to an message or sleep a reminder.
  • Addition of 3rd Part widgets 
    • lot of people wanted widgets to be accessible from home screens but thats not been added instead they are on the notifications screen when you pull down from the top of the device.  The today tab now lets you customise and add third party apps.  I have added Yahoo News Digest to mine and Evernote so I can quickly create new notes, pictures 
  • Camera update
    • nother nice little treat, time lapses will soon be everywhere, I have already added a couple to Instagram but more are surely to follow 

There are other updates that I will no doubt realise and will update the post as and when I find ones I think are worth sharing.

I was also going to do a video to show you some of these but there are plenty of YouTubers out there way ahead of me such as macmixing, so check out his video here which shows you most of the above, plus a few more.

Let me know what you like dislike re iOS8 and what are your favourite changes?