Health Kick.... well for 52 weeks at least hopefully!

Ok perhaps this is not so much as a kick but a lifestyle change!  

To look at me, some might not realise that I used to be extremely fit.  From the age of about 8 I was a competitive swimmer, living in Enfield in North London, I swam for 2 teams (Enfield Swimming Club and Edmonton Phoenix).  I was ok at the sport, but importantly It made me extremely fit during my teens right up into my early twenties (even though I stopped at 17).

 I used to swim at least 6 times a week usually for at least 2 hours each time.  I fell out of love with swimming after that, but now I am going to get back in the pool!  

4 years ago I had a Jet Ski accident which unfortunately has left me with a lower leg injury (basically its bigger than my right and if I injury myself I can't feel it until to much damage is done), and until then I was doing well with my health kick and have not really been able to get back on it since then!

This time I am hoping to make this a more permanent fixture in my life and make time for exercise, I  am not getting any younger (36 this year!!) and I am hoping to shed some pounds as a result! 

Mr and Mrs T plus three

As most people know, I love my social media and to give me a bit of motivation I am linking up with @MrandMrsTplus3  who is doing a #52healthyweeks on her blog!  If you want to get involved have a read of Amy's post here.

For me this is not going to be a massive change but more a gradual change through out the year and will hopefully share my successes as we go.

Some of my goals are:

  • Exercise at least 4 days a week
  • Cut out the crap... no crisps / chocolate / sweets (I'm a sucker for these)
  • Cut out the fizzy drinks, I never drink full fat, only ever diet drinks but they are going.

This is just to start, you may have noticed I have not put alcohol, this is because that would be cheating as I hardly drink... by hardly I literally have a beer ever couple of months! 

Any way this post is far to long but this is a heads up of what I am up to.  If you are having a health kick in the new year what goals have you set yourself?