A day out in London: The Science Museum

Being a born and bred Londoner, one thing I really appreciate is the fact that most of the Museums in London are totally free to enter and are a great way to spend a day!  So with the Little Geek having an inset day on Friday I decided to take a day off work (and use up my holiday carried over form last year at work) and spend the day with madam.

I gave her a number of options, she quickly decided she wanted to go to London but was unsure where she wanted to go, they only stipulation was can I take her for pancakes at McDonalds on the way to London! 

After a lot discussion and research on her part about what is on at museums she settle on the Science Museum, and I have to say a great choice!  

We started the day early (as she wanted pancakes) and aimed to get to the Museum just after it opened and this was a great idea.  After a little research on my part, even though the museum is free to enter a number of the features require a ticket, which is understandable.   


We opted to get the explorer ticket, this included an IMAX film (40 mins)  Hidden Universe in 3D, Legends of Apollo, Red Arrows 3D experience and Typhoon Force Simulator as well as a Souvenir Guide and Kids handbook, in my view a lot for your money! 

As we got to the outside of the museum we could see a lot of school trips had arrived, and little geek decided we should start at the top of the Museum and work our way down, a great idea on her part as it was nice and quiet on the 5 floor.

I may have mentioned before little geek wants to become an A&E Doctor when she is older so the 5th and 4th floors were of great interest to her learning about the history of medicine and then glimpses into medical history, with her commenting about how much has changed or a classic line of "You don't see much of that on 24 Hours in A&E"

We decided to leave the main part of the 3rd floor, especially the launch pad as this was still full with schools and head to the flight area and have a go on the 2 simulators.  I have to say they were both great fun, the red arrows more for me as it had seating that moved with the motion on screen, although the Typhoon Force Simulator was a great insight to just how low they fly up in the Welsh mountains and lake district.

So far this took us a good few hours so we decided to head to the deep blue diner for a bite to eat.  Great food and not massively over priced for London, we had a main and dessert + a diet cook for £13.95 each!  The chocolate Ice cream certainly go the thumbs up from Katy! 

After the meal was time for the IMAX film which was amazing and the first IMAX screening she had been to and could not get over the size of the screen.  The film was very educational that kept the kids engaged and was not overly long at 40 minutes, and a welcome rest following lunch.

After this we had 4 hours left until closing to explore the rest of the museum, I have to say being a geek I loved the information age and seeing about the introduction of mobile phones and the internet.  The Science Museum displays information in such varied and fantastic ways and the explainers they have dotted around different attractions is fantastic.

At the end we decided to go back to the Launchpad which is an area for you to get hands on with loads of different experiments from Thermal imaging cameras to water bottle rockets, and it is great and the fascination kids have when doing these experiments is fantastic! 

In summary though this is a fantastic day out, I had not been to the Science Museum for a number of years and it was great to see so many new features, I wasn't sure if we would be entertained all day but there is certainly enough to keep you there all day! 

Below is a gallery of our day not included above!