Inspirational Instagram Accounts - Part 1

You will know that I am a massive fan of Instagram, it is a great insight into each users world and how they see things.  You also get a glimpse from some about what they get up to, be it a parent blogger, a travel blogger, a professional photographer or just your every day user who might not blog and just uses the sight to share some amazing pictures with the world.

I thought I would share with you some of the excellent users I follow, and some of my favourite pics they have shared.


There are a number of amazing professional photographers on Instagram, but these are some that I had not heard of until finding them on Instagram.

Tom Barnes photo - TOMBARNESPHOTO

Tom is a portrait photographer who is a master at his craft, sharing a number of fantastic portraits as well as a glimpse behind the scenes at his kit or generally sharing what he is up to.

Tonight's office could be worse! #workanywhere #sogoodtoseethesun

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Tyson Wheatley - TWHEAT

I was fist introduced to Tyson whilst watching a Ben Brown Vlog, but he has since become one of my favourite pro's on Instagram, Tyson also has his own YouTube channel which I recommend you check out, he can often be found travelling the globe on an adventure!


A photo posted by tyson wheatley (@twheat) on

Hong Kong eye exam

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Ben Armstrong - IAM.MR.BIGGS 

I really have no idea how long I have followed Ben's excellent Instagram feed, but it has been a while.  Ben has a great eye for lines and his pictures really do take you through a journey, being born in London and spending most of my working life there it is great to see shots from around the city!  These are just 3 of my favourites

So that is 3 of the professional photographers that I follow, but there are also some great "normal"  folk out there, below are just a few of those that I have found over my time on Instagram.


Ok not sure if Tony is a professional photographer or not (he probably should be in the category above!, we went through a phase of posting pictures from the same place around the same time which was scary! But have a look at his account, he takes some great pictures.

Christian Payne - DOCUMENTALLY

Christian is very much a story teller as the user name would suggest, I have been following Christian on twitter for years ever since stumbling across him via an old app called AudioBoo! His Instagram brings some images to those stories.

Farewell #thegoodlifeexperience it's been a blast.

A photo posted by Christian (@Documentally) (@documentally) on

Soon to be as full as my @azoequipment pack.

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Laura. _G3

I have no idea how or when I started following Laura, but through her instagram you get a glimpse into a total strangers life, and from this you learn about her family and you get to see their trips out together with some amazing photos and lots of smiles 


Kerri-Ann is a fellow blogger, second to that she is an awesome Instagrammer sharing a little glimpse into the person behind the .  Go and check Kerri-Ann's instagram out! 

And we're off on a little adventure #MaizeFun at #WheelockFarm let's see who gets lost first! *puts hand up* #familydayout

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I would also be interested to know who you follow, what accounts you like, add a comment below.