My days are numbered!!

It is not as drastic as the title of this post might suggest but something is changing very fast, and that is how quick Little Geek is growing up!  

She had a sleep over this weekend for a school friends birthday, by all accounts she enjoyed herself and was even treated to breakfast at beefeater as part of the deal! (clever of her friends parents as apparently up to 2 kids eat free per adult... I was not aware of this!).

Anyway, as far as the sleep overs go this was a late pick up …

(midday,  which for me was a very welcome lay in, shame the missus still isn't well, suffering with this damn cold doing the rounds and was up at 5am!) 

I was welcomed by little geek looking very tired, not that she would admit it, a little grumpy.  Once in the car she asked to go home quickly and then could we go to the cinema, I was not going to turn her down! 

Little geek and I often go to the cinema together, I have a Cineworld Unlimited card so it is a reasonably cheap afternoon out for the 2 of us! 

She wanted to go and see the new Pan film, if I am honest I also wanted to see this as it looked like a great addition to the many Peter Pan related films, we certainly were not disappointed (but this isn't a review about the film but I highly recommend it!).

Back to the point of this post, Little Geek is 11 at the end of this month, and like with her older sister, our trips to the cinema I am sure will become less and less frequent and this makes me a little sad!  

Not to say they will stop all together for Little Geek, as with Ashleigh, every now and then she is happy to go with me, but soon, as happened with her older sister I will be replaced by friends and then boyfriends as well, no longer will it be cool for her to be seen with her Dad at the cinema.

Its a sign of me getting older and my girls growing up, Ashleigh will be 20 next year (how the hell did that happen, I won't be able to refer to her as the teenager any more!) she is pretty much an occasional lodger at home, she is rarely in and pretty much uses her bedroom just as one big wardrobe!  

But back to the cinema, I enjoy these times with the girls, when you take into account the journey to the cinema, the 30+ minutes of adverts, trailers etc give us some good time to catch up, discuss what they have been up to as well as talk about the films that are due to come out soon and what we would all like to go and see as well as the one we are about to watch.

The missus rarely comes with us, but me and the girls are big film fans and this is one way to spend some quality time with them (even if they get to spend a couple of hours not talking to me whilst the film is on ha ha probably their favourite part).

The rate at which our kids are growing up is frightening, for you parents with younger children make the most of it as it only seems like yesterday they were babies!