Rockface for Men - Review

So recently the folks at Rockface asked if I would like to try out some of the Rockface for Men range, being a man that likes to look after his skin (nothing wrong with being a modern man lets get that straight now!) I certainly wasn't going to say no.

I thought they might send me a couple of items from the range, but to my surprise a huge box turned up with nearly the full range of items.  Have to admit with the travel that I do with work it was welcome to be able refresh the toiletries bag.

As anyone who knows me I am some what of a rugged man (stop the sniggering), ok perhaps not but I am partial to a nice face scrub and decent face wash as well as a moisturiser or two.

I guess that is a great place to start, RockFace do a very good energising face wash, being new to the Rockface products before using them I had a read of what is in them and this is where my surprise of the products came.  

Energising Face Wash

As it states on the tube, they have designed this to invigorate your senses and it was a great morning face wash, could be something to do with the green coffee extract or Oligopeptides  (whatever they are!) which apparently come from chickpeas.... although I wouldn't recommend eating this! 

Face & Body Scrub

A great product, and like all good face and body scrub it has just the right amount of .... well usually I would say grit, but I actually know this grit is ground rice and walnut shells.  I have to admit I never used this on my body as without sounding like a complete wimp I have sensitive skin on tops of my arms and legs but this quickly became my nighttime face wash.... especially nice after a day in the city and on the tube to get the grit off! 

Anti-Ageing Moisturiser & All Weather moisturiser

Both very good moisturisers, but I tended to use the anti-ageing on of a night time.  If you have seen any of my pictures I certainly take after my dad for looks, I will let you decide whether this is good or bad but one thing is for sure, my dad looks young for his age! I am not leaving anything to chance so will continue to use both of these moisturisers.  The All Weather Moisturiser is a light not as dense as the anti ageing one so will probably use this more during the winter, especially if the winds are strong etc!! 

Shave Butter, Shave Gel & Post Shave Balm

When it comes to shaving I have been stuck in my ways always using the same having foam with my trusty and some what old now shaving brush!  I was therefore keen to try Rockface's shaving products.  I won't lie I was confused with the Shave Butter, was I meant to use this instead of shaving gel?  I tried but really didn't like it, you can also use it post shave which I honestly didn't so of all the products I probably won't use again.   As for the  Shave Gel, it was really really good as was the Post Shave Balm, infant this is the only product I think I have used that has removed the redness after shaving almost straight away.

One thing I like about the whole range is the scent, it is consistent across the range.  If you are using different products sometimes the smells can get a bit much! 

Overall I highly recommend RockFace, really good products with some nice alternatives and natural products within them which can only be a bonus right?  If you want to know the prices, they aren't expensive, have a look at the Rockface website that lists them, I have also seen them on sale in Sainsburys, Waitrose and Tesco

I should point out I also got sent a body spray but don't like using these!  

Disclaimer: Rockface sent me all the products mentioned above for free in return for this impartial view, all words are my own!