Common misconceptions about bloggers and blogging

Ok I have been blogging for a while now (even if recently it has taken a back seat), and every so often you meet somebody, be it an old friends or somebody totally new that doesn't no about the blog.  So we have the chat about why I blog, what the blog contains and more importantly why I blog.

So through these conversations it has become clear that many people are confused or just lack understanding about bloggers and why they blog!  So I thought I would share 5 common misconceptions with you:

1. Bloggers are only in it for the money and freebies:

Just no...... all bloggers I have met have a passion, and the reason they blog is to share this passion with the wider world, be it parent, beauty, tech or fashion bloggers!   Yes we get sent some stuff for free or access to amazing events etc but that will not be the main driver for the blog!  Yes some are also lucky enough to get paid for their time as well! 

2. Blogging is easy:

Ask any blogger you know how easy it is, the work that goes in to each blog post, the planning for posts, getting the photos making sure the words are right and watching for typos (but we all make those right?).   Its not easy in the least, you stress about the content you are putting out, mainly because its ..... well as I have said before something bloggers are passionate about! 

3. Bloggers are sad and need to get outside:

If this is a comment you find yourself making or even thinking please just go to the nearest mirror give yourself a long hard look and then slap yourself in the face.... repeatedly!  Content for your blog doesn't just manifest itself if you are sitting in front of your computer all the time... (especially for travel bloggers ha ha), most bloggers put a lot of work in to experiencing new things don't be so stupid to think they are just keyboard warriors (ok some might be ha ha😉)

4. Bloggers are just unemployed folk:

Some are.... but that is usually because they are stay at home parent, however most bloggers I know work just like everyone else and fit blogging in around work!  Blogging takes dedication, an understanding partner (they don't get enough credit) and family because often they are dragged along to events, sometimes willingly.

5. Bloggers are self obsessed and single minded:

In fact I would say of those I have met personally, talk to and interacted with, this couldn't be further from the truth.  Blogging is about being part of a community, reading each others posts, sharing content, collaborating to name just a few things!  There are some great individuals in this blogging world and many many many talented people who have worked long hours not only on their own blogs but also to support others and help promote others content.