Stop iOS 9 eating all your data

Ok don't get me wrong this is not a post about why I hate iOS9, in fact the opposite, I really like it! But a new setting introduced with iOS9 is WiFi Assist.

WiFi Assist is a great idea but if you do not have a fairly decent amount of data with your contract you might want to turn this off.  Basically when you are connect to WiFi if the signal is pretty poor or a weak bandwidth it will switch to using your mobile data automatically to ensure the best experience and quick loading of pages etc.

But if you don't have more than a couple of GB (Gigabytes) of data you could soon find all your data gone or charges added to your bill as a result, especially if at home you have a room with weak WiFi coverage.

Wifi Assist was automatically turned on with iOS9 so if you don't know its there you don't know that it is slowly or in some cases quickly eating all your data! 

To turn off Wifi Assist all you need to do is:

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