Daddy ruined Christmas... Already!

I write this post while the world for one little girl has just come crashing down!  Little geek has worked out that Father Christmas "might" not be real (I still can't bring myself to say the actual words) .

All she can say is that "now I know Daddy is Father Christmas ..... It's ruined!!" 

I really really don't know what to say to her!!  All the wife can mouth behind her back to me is "your a fucking dick head"  and that I should have lied, but some point over the last 10 months the little geek has developed an uncanny knack of telling when I am lying! 

Her older sister was no good either, she talked about the fact she is going to winter wonderland at Centre Parcs and Father Christmas will be there, right on queue another breakdown from little geek!  "How can he be! He isn't real"

She pulled herself together and then said right I want to know everything .... Right or wrong we went through some of it with her!! 

The wife being her calm and collected self announced Christmas was cancelled and queue another breakdown from the little one.... At this moment I wanted to run away and come back in January!

We have explained about the magical feeling at Christmas will still be there and it will be a fun time, a great opportunity for us all to spend quality time together ..... But as it stands she has decamped to her bedroom probably thinking we are awful lying parents! 

If anyone is looking for tips on how to handle this .... I guess from reading the above you will know we are in no position to tell you the best advice!

All I can say is let the dream continue for as long as possible, seeing her cry her heart out whilst giving me a massive disapproving look was very hard to take!  Especially knowing that if I had a better poker face I wouldn't be causing this heart ache for the little geek! 

I just hope she calms down in time for Christmas and will be speaking to us again by then!!   I guess we will have to find someway of making this Christmas extra special for her!   I know over time she will continue to keep the dream alive and I look forward to seeing her use her brilliant imagination with her little cousins! 

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