Tips on using iPhone Live Photos

Without trying to exaggerate to much I have fundamentally changed the way that I take photos on my iPhone now  At its launch there were minor tweaks to from the iPhone but one that I really like the look of was Live Photos.  

When I talk to others it is one of the points I highlight to them, and I am constantly surprised how many are unaware of this feature (perhaps I am just too geeky!).

Before I can explain why Live Photos has fundamentally changes the way I take photos I should probably explain how it works.

How does Live Photos work?

It is very simple, your phone captures 1.5 seconds of video before the shot, this is done by continually recording a buffer that is not saved until you hit the shutter button.  Live Photos is technically just a short cinemagraph, similar to the function of apps like Boomerang from Instagram, however Apple being well... Apple like to call this moment as "Living Memories".

How to take great Live Photos

This is where the fundamental change for me has come, once you understand what the phone is doing you are able to take some great photos.

Taking Live Photos is very simple, when you open the camera app, make sure you are on Photo and make sure the little yellow circle or eye logo is illuminated, if it is this means you are ready to play! 

This is where the change comes in, its a simple one but ultimately produces better results! When taking Live Photos it captures those precious moments before and after the shot, so you will want to keep focused on your intended target for the shot and not move your phone straight down to look at the photo, otherwise you will have a lot of Live Photos of your feet..... or something more dodgy if you're that way inclined ha ha. 

However if you have updated to iOS 9.1 the phone should automatically sense when the phone is being lowered or raised.

A yellow box will appear saying "Live" whilst it is recording this short clip so you know when it is finished.

The golden rule is to always focus on the photo that you want to take, the main photo will always be at the centre of the photo and what people see if you ever share the photo with them.  Another point to also consider is that the Live Photo will show video but also the sound, so if you're being bossy when taking the picture everyone will hear this ha ha! 

The next point to remember is slow controlled movements if you have to, but its best to stay as steady as possible, this way you will catch a great moment in time, be it your mates laughing as you are taking a photo, or as Apple used in their add the ripple of water on a stream or lake! 

A good time for Live Photos

  • Landscapes - I have found when taking pictures of Landscapes your photos really do come to live, make great lock screen wallpapers 
  • Fireworks - Recently I featured a Firework for one of #MYSUNDAYPHOTO's but now thanks to Live Photos Firework pictures are cool 
  • Urban Portraits - can really give you a sense of the vibe around you, showing the hustle and bustle as you capture a fantastic photo.

Some final points on Live Photos

  • Yes they are great but yes they take up at least twice as much storage as a regular photo, so be selective about when you use the feature
  • Share your Live Photos - You can share these with anyone running iOS9 or El Capitan on the Mac

I am hoping in the future that other apps will start to use the functions of Live Photos, one that I have recently used that does this brilliantly is the Replay app, perfect for on the go video editing, if you want to see this in action check out this video on my Facebook page that has used Live Photo's to give you a glimpse before and after a photo was taken.