My top 5 Christmas Movies on Netflix

Christmas is just around the corner, and despite potentially ruining christmas already for little geek (read more about that here) we will soon be dragging out the christmas decorations, fighting to put the tree up and arguing over what goes where followed by me trying to perfect my UN Peacekeeper impression when deciding who can put the star on top of the Christmas tree! 

Once all that has calmed down there is nothing more we love to do as a family, than sit down and  relax and watch a great film on Netflix (I now refuse to use the word chill).

I thought I would save you some time trawling through Netflix and share my top 5 christmas movies available on Netflix UK.

1. Home Alone

This film is a Christmas regular in our house!  Especially on a cold day wrapped up under blankets laughing away at Kevin McAllister causing mayhem to two dodgy blokes (one who I think looks very similar to my brother in law!! ha ha).  Finally and without trying to make you feel old, can you believe that Home Alone is 25 years old this year??

2. Scrooged

A Bill Murray classic and a film that I have not watched for years but one that I will be introducing little geek to this year! 

3. A Disney Christmas Carol

A classic Disney animation with the voices of Jim Carrey and Gary Oldman retelling the story by Charles Dickens!

4. The Santa Clause 

A typical Tim Allen movie but one that is perfect in the run up to Christmas whether its wrapping presents or writing out your Christmas cards! 

5 Jingle all the way

Many a parents have probably been in the same position, dashing around, perhaps not on Christmas Eve but certainly in the run up to Christmas I have been dashing around trying to find that special and popular present! 

As well as some great Christmas movies there is also some entertaining TV series with great Christmas episodes that are well worth checking out, these include but not limited to  the following:

  • The Royal Family Christmas Special - There are a couple on there so take your pick! 
  • Mock the Week
  • Black Adder's A Christmas Carol
  • Outnumbered
  • The Office Christmas Specials Part 1 and 2

What films do you love to watch at Christmas?  I know there are also a load on Sky so might do another list soon!