It's all in the planning

I have heard so much over the last few weeks, I want this and I want that, or did you see what so and so got? 

To be honest I'm done with all of that, My focus is going to be on what I have in front of me, rather than focusing on what I could have or what I want and also not trying to take on too much! Focusing on what I have in front of me and improving what I am currently involved in.

At the moment I have a reasonably good job (although there is a lot of change there, hopefully all good), I have a wife that loves me (I think 😉) and two great kids.

New year is often when people set themselves goals / targets only to be let down when they don't achieve them.  Goals are good in my opinion, they enable you to focus on a particular part of your life that …….Well you feel needs work on, but I don't think you should kick yourself to hard if you fall down or fail to achieve them.  

This has made me think about want I want to achieve next year and it was simple, I want to get more organised.

Work is always busy, and so is my personal life, not just through being a parent but also as a governor of a school plus I want to start doing a show again on a hospital radio (I used to do this in the past but life got in the way!).

This will take some planning and making sure I keep on top of these things mentioned as well as this blog takes some planning.  Post have taken a back seat whilst I got certain parts of my life in order as well as being there for the wife who has had her own troubles of late!!

You might have got to this far in my post (if so well done) and thought where is this going? 

Well it's a converluted way of saying what I want to achieve in 2016, and hopefully share with you some of the auctions that are helping me to achieve this.

For me I am going going to be using a mix of old school and new.

Firstly I have purchased a very nice planner, its a Get To Work One (I was tipped off by Alice from MoreThanToast on her Instagram, cheers Alice 👍🏻).  This will perfectly help me keep a note of important dates as well as enable me to set goals for the beginning of each month as well as track their progress.

A photo posted by John Roberts (@dadyougeek) on

This is an example of the inside of each month, enabling chance to reflect on the previous month! 

This is an example of the inside of each month, enabling chance to reflect on the previous month! 

I will also be using my Evernote more, infact I have started drafting all blog posts that come to mind on here, and I can access these very easily on the go!  As well as store lists for post ideas that come to me through out the day.

As for keeping on top of blog posts and organising these I have signed up to the excellent Buffer, I certainly love everything I here about this company and there tool for planning and scheduling posts across all different social media channels are brilliant, I especially love the new calendar view which lets you see what is being posted and when! Makes it very easy not to harass your followers! 

Any way this was only meant to be a quick post to let you know what I want to achieve and you will note that this is not a new year resolution post just something I want to achieve.

I would love to know if you have set yourself any goals for the new year if so what are they and how are you getting ready for this?