Garmin Vivofit - My Thoughts

So I luckily won a Garmin Vivofit just before Christmas in a twitter giveaway by the folks at Maplin.  Initially I wasn't sure if I would use it, I already have a pebble as my main watch, and this can load numerous apps on to it and was wondering if another tracking device would be to much, but hey its a gadget and I am a geek so thought why the hell not! 

I will lay my cards on the table now.... its not mind blowing but its great and I hate it if I leave the house without it! Here are the main features:

IMG_0446 copy.jpg
  • Step counter and goal setting
  • Time (very important for a watch don't you think?)
  • Calorie counter
  • Sleep tracker

Now if I am honest I have something of an addiction to the step counter and goal target, if you are inactive for more than an hour a red bar appears and then another segment for each period until its full.... Now this is where the addiction comes in, I don't want the red bar to appear.  I guess this is helping me stay more active by reducing the period of time in the red bar appears.

The goal is set based on your height & weight configuration added when setting it up as well as how active you have been over time and adjust the goal to fit you.

The calorie counter works in a similar way based on how active you have been etc based on your height and weight! 

I also like the sleep tracker and it can show how good a night sleep you have had.  I have included a couple of examples of the output below.

You can manage and see all of this from the Garmin app which syncs with the vivofit! 

Overall a great little device if you need some motivation to stay more active as well as keep track of what you are doing!

As I use it more I will update you on progress plus any little tips I might discover!