BlackVue Dashcam Review

As far as getting products sent to me for review (gradually getting more) they are few and far between, but when the lovely folks over at BlackVue sent me a dash cam to review I knew I was going to love this!! 

I had been looking at them for a while, we all know what its like on the roads in the UK these days, and a lot of trucks now have them fitted due to insurance claims!  Some of you might know that I work in insurance (Employee Benefits) for a day job and I have seen a lot of news about the introduction of cameras in commercial vehicles.

There are a lot of different makes and models of dash cam, but based on research and after speaking to a relative who has a number of dash cams (he lives in the US and everyone over there has them by the sounds of it) the BlackVue was highly recommended.

The BlackVue I have is the DR650, its a 2 channel camera (front and rear) and records in full HD, which in my view is very important as you need great quality as it will help when reviewing but it should also improve the low light recordings.

In the box you get a mount for both the front and rear cameras, the camera units themselves, the wiring for power and cable to connect the rear camera to the main unit, as well as some cable clubs for use during installation.

I won't lie, I am rubbish at DIY or mechanics on cars, and after a quick look on YouTube (Here I have to say thank you so much to blackboxmycar for his videos, they made the installation very easy) I set about with installing the cameras.  I have to say I was considering paying for an auto electrician to install it but so glad I didn't bother,  the camera was very easy to install and took about 45 minutes, and there are no wires showing which is excellent, and there was plenty of wiring included that would fit most car sizes.

Now as for the quality of the cameras, this is an easy review in my opinion, they are quiet simply excellent, included below are a couple of YouTube videos that I have put together to show the camera in use at different times of day and weather conditions.  I think you will agree even in the rain the quality is still very good.

Now regarding the features of the BlackVue, they are plentiful.  The camera has 3 regarding settings:

  • Normal - This is the standard recording for when you are driving
  • Parking - This is enabled when the geo sensor and GPS track that the vehicle has remained stationary.
  • Event - This is activated when the built in Geo is activated

The camera has WIFI that enables you to connect to your phone via and app (iOS and Android), this lets you amend setting whilst out rather than having to do so via the SD card on the computer, this is really good and a feature I often check after getting back to the car after leaving it in carpark or street etc.

Both the front and rear camera have an LED security light that can be turned off if required through the app.  Another great feature is the way in which you can adjust the camera using the very stylish rotatable design of the cameras.

One other feature I like, that I didn't read anywhere in the manual (it is probably there but missed it) is the easy way to enable or disable the microphone, all you need to do is wave your hand over the left hand side of the front camera and the voice of the Blackvue will confirm the action.

Finally, I love the peace of mind this gives me, not only when parking in cramped car parks, but also when out driving that should there be a non fault on my part accident I will have the evidence to prove my innocence.

If you are thinking of getting a dash cam  I don't think you can go wrong with the BlackVue, they have a number of different units but the DR650 is one of the higher end specs and one I will now value as one of my must have gadgets! 

Any questions feel free to get in touch! 

Disclaimer: Pittasoft sent me this item for an honest review, all words are my own.