The Age/Distance Paradigm....

This is something that has been on my mind a lot recently, certainly over the last couple of months!

My lovely little family unit is going through a monumental shift:

  • the youngest used to be called little legs, we can't caller her that any more.....simply her legs just aren't that little any more! (she is now Little Geek)
  • the teenager, well we can still call her that but only for 11 more months as she has just turned 19! 


The wife and I are having to get used to the fact our girls are growing up ..... very fast!  The advantage of being young parents is you get on really well with your kids and you can relate to them, but that is starting to change, and each morning I swear they are growing and changing right in front of me! 

The teenager is a young and independent women, she no longer relies on us so much and is often off somewhere doing her own thing, at the moment that seems to be a shed load of travelling around Europe (Jealous!)

The Little Geek is growing up fast too, as this photo shows, I took a quick selfie with her and then went to post it to Instagram as always an noticed just how grown up she looks! She also seems to have a drive in her to learn new things which I love but already she is becoming so independent! 

I guess this post is more of a realisation of what is going on, not that I want to stop it, I love the individuals they are becoming, but more to say that I miss my little girls being well little and more dependent on us!  No I don't want anymore kids (I'm pretty sure the wife doesn't either) but I do wish I could slow time down a little! 

You will all know who read this often that I love social media, and through Snapchat I discovered a film director / producer / Youtuber and have been watching loads of his videos (I highly recommend you check them out), but one video I watched had a segment that perfectly describe what we go through as parents and its this (the bit I am on especially is from 1:57), and where I got the title of my post from (Casey if you read this I hope you don't mind).

It has also inspired me in to looking at other ways I can make sure these memories are captured in other ways.  I take a lot of photos, but not so much video, so am now considering a vlog to capture these special moments and some of the little chats we have, so watch this space for news about that! 

In the meantime I will be crying in to my tea that I am getting old and my kids are becoming grown ups!