Top apps for your iPhone

So you have had your iPhone for a while and the AppStore was a novelty when you first go it, but when did you last download some new and decent apps?

Wow that long ago?  Well here are some you may have missed.


If you are also a Mac owner then this is a must have in my opinion, its so simple!  Tether will lock your Mac when you're not there and will come straight back to life when you approach again! Now this is dependent on you having your iPhone with you but to be honest most of the time I have my phone with me when I walk away from my mac!  Its great because it protects your Mac when you're away, most times it protects it from Friends & Family posting in appropriate updates on your social media (you know who you are!)

Nokia HERE

Ok Nokia are history right? Wrong! They may have turned their back on manufacturing phones (for now) but they still have some great apps, and the here is a great maps app! They are going to struggle against Google Maps / iOS Maps but if you are going away you should seriously look at this! here enables you to download the full maps to your phone so you can use them without munching away all your data, especially helpful if you are going on holiday!  Check it out 


Tempo is a clever little video editing app, it lets you combine Timelapse and SlowMo videos in one, as well as add music to these videos, the UI is very simple and clean and straight forward to use!  You can save them directly to your phone or share them to Instagram etc 


This is the newest app from Instagram and it is again a very simple app that lets you make great one off collages (or remixes as they call it)


Ok this isn't a new app but it has had a great update, obviously only useful if you are a Gmail user.  They have updated the app to take advantage of the new access made available on iOS to 3rd Party Apps, the interactive notifications now allow you to respond or archive directly from notifications.  They have also updated the way Gmail handles attachments and improve the sharing or saving of these to other apps. 

IF (Previously IFTTT)

Ok I have previously blogged about how great IFTTT is, they have now produced 3 new apps that will act as buttons they are the 'Do Button' 'Do Camera' and 'Do Note'

You can set up each button to run a specific recipe that you can amend depending on your needs.  IFTTT is really great and these new apps make it that little bit easier.

The Do Button, is as it says, enables you to do something specific at the touch of a button.  

The Do Camera, this is a specific recipe that will automatically send a photo to a specific album, or to an account such as, Dropbox, Evernote or even Facebook.

The Do Note, is as you guessed a specific button to send a note, email tweet or Facebook update! 

Well these are just a few apps, if you have found some great apps recently let me know, would love to find out what you are using!