Netflix Stream Team: The Beginning

I have confessed my love for Netflix in the past, and since then it has grown from strength to strength!

There is some great content available on there which I have enjoyed over the last couple of years, aside from films etc.  So imagine my excitement when I received an email from the lovely folks over at Netflix asking me to join the Netflix UK Stream Team for 2015.

I hear your brain ticking over... What the hell is Stream Team John? Don't panic folks you are not going to have to look at my ugly mug talking about films or Series (yet, I am considering a vlog).

Stream Team is a way Netflix keep in touch with parents who love entertainment and enjoy blogging about it, and for those that know me will agree, I am a big fan of TV, Film and Cinema!  As well as streaming (which is undoubtedly the future of all content in my opinion).

Netflix is a massive hit in our house, I am not sure how you or other families use Netflix but we rarely watch it together as a family (I am hoping this will change!), mainly due to the fact we all have different tastes, no big surprise considering the age gaps! But the reason we are all fans is because we use Netflix when we are having some Me-Time! 

Ash (or the Teen as I like to call her) loves to watch Pretty Little Liars after a hard days work, or Little Geek chilling watching Horrid Henry after a hectic day at school we all find something to chill to.

Being part of the Stream Team I will get the regular updates on what is coming and will also update you on what I currently enjoy during my down time! 

So to give you a quick insight of what I am watching currently.

House of Cards:  

Ok if you are new to Netflix or have not yet decided if its worth signing up, I would say that this program alone is worth it.  Now on series 3 it is the best drama I have watched in a while.  Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright it follows the life of Frank Underwood... one of the most ruthless characters in TV history!  I don't want to go into anymore details as I hate spoilers, but simply watch this trailer for the first season! 


This is a recent release and I have watched the first episode and so far so good, its about a family who may be hiding a secret! When one of the brother returns home, looks like he has the potential to turn their life upside down! As I mentioned only in the first episode but a very dark undercurrent theme is evident early thanks to flash forwards... or backs I can't tell at the min), but its slow to begin!  The beauty of Netflix I don't have to wait for the next episode!  

Finally a summary of some of the other programs I am watching or am about to watch are:

  • Better Call Saul (This is brilliant spin off from Breaking Bad)
  • Orange is the new black (Waiting for the next series to be released in June)
  • Marvel's Daredevil season 1
  • Video Game High School (Even though I am not target audience my inner geek says I need to watch this)

If you are already a fan of Netflix share a comment below to tell me what you are watching, especially if it has made you binge watch!