My List On Netflix #streamteam

If you are a Netflix user then you might be familiar with My List function on the site, if not then you should be 😉!  

If you are new to Netflix this is a way for you to keep track of the Netflix shows you want to watch or are currently watching! 

I see it as my own personalised library within Netflix, as there is so much content on there it is a very simple way to stay organised..... after all we all love lists! 

If you want to stay super organised you can also set up an account for each individual member of the family (as we do), this enables each of us to have our own list as well as restrict the youngest to Kids only content!

Now I thought I would share with you what I currently have on my list..... there is a fair amount so this is just the highlights!! 

On my list to watch:

Derek - I missed this the first time around on TV and have heard great things, so have added this to the list!  I haven't watched anything Ricky Gervais since his Office days so have high hopes for this one! 

Peaky Blinders - Another one I missed... based on a notorious game from Birmingham in 1919, led by a not so nice character called Tommy Shelby who is set on moving up in the world.... no matter what! 

The Returned - I started to watch this but couldn't get into it... so thought I would give it another try and now weekly episodes are added to a new series so its on my list! 

The Art Of Flight -  A lot of people don't realise that Netflix also has a large number of documentaries as well as great entertainment shows! The Art of Flight is a snowboarding documentary that is meant to have some incredible footage so for me will be a must watch! 

The shows I am currently watching:

Daredevil - A new series on Netflix telling the story of another Marvel hero! This one is very dark in feel and in the way it is shot, I am 2 episodes in but am hooked, so much so that the 2 below have taken a back seat for now! As a bit of a Marvel geek this one is right up my street! 

Bloodline - This is hard to describe, its about a rich family living in the Florida Keys, there is a very dark undertone to this from the outset, you just know that something is not right! The story gives you these flash forwards so it gives you the feel that the main story is actually in the past! Really liking it with some strong characters! 

Orange Is the New Black - Ok for this I am re watching season 2, I love this show so much! It is telling the story of an unlikely inmate (Piper), played by Taylor Schilling.  There are some real characters in this and is full of laughs! I love crazy eyes!! In my view this is a must watch! 

Lilyhammer - One of the most bonkers shows I have seen in years, how somebody come up with this idea I will never know, its tells the story of Frank an ex mafia crime boss who following turning state witness he finds himself in the sleepy town of Lilyhammer in Norway! Really great series and not one I would automatically go for but so glad I did! 

Waiting for the next season!!  - 

Better Call Saul - I have watched the first season of this, and being a big Breaking Bad fan this didn't disappoint! Was a shame there was only 10 episodes in this first season.... roll on season 2! 

House of Cards - Firsty... if you are new to Netflix this is a must watch! By far my favourite show of the last couple of years and one that I certainly binge watch! Its a reworking of the old BBC House of cards now based in the White House!  Follow the rise of the Underwoods and what they do to get to where they want to! 

All images : Netflix