Teenagers taking exams....its going to be a rough ride!

We have all been through it and we all know it can be stressful!  The BBC posted this article last week, although I agree with parts of it I cannot agree with all of it! 

The worst things parents can say to teenagers taking exams

The article talks about the worst things parents can say to teenagers taking exams, it goes on to say that "Parents try to be encouraging and supportive  -  and that's usually a sure-fire way of starting an argument"

Having been through this is can be very challenging and often feels like you are walking on eggs shells when the teen is around the first point annoys me most, stating that "there are only two things that parents can ever say to teenagers taking exams.  The wrong thing and the wrong thing" 

I couldn't disagree more! Having a teen that has already gone through exams and done the best she could I find this insulting.  I found talking and supporting the teenager through her study helped her (I'm sure she will speak up if I am wrong) I also might be missing the point of the article but some of the points make no sense to me at all!  

It fails to give any helpful tips for teens taking exams (perhaps that is not the aim) so thought I would share some that worked for me (many years ago) as well as for our daughter.  I will also include some links to useful links to positive articles and resources:

  • The main one is have a plan, especially for GCSE you have a lot of topics to revise for so know what you are going to do and when, include within this breaks and down time where you don't study!  This will help you have some structure and will also stop you from doing to much work and becoming stressed! 
  • Organise your revision into 30 minute slots! with regular breaks and time to eat and drink! 
  • Prioritise! One mistake I made was not prioritising the subjects I didn't know so well!  I knew Maths inside out but was rubbish at German but didn't give this a priority (probably because I hated the subject so much) and in the end it was my worst result! 
  • Find the time that works for you - Everyone is different find your golden time when you are most productive! I was an early bird so first thing always worked for me but Ashleigh hated morning and was much more productive later in the evening! 
  • Find what technique works for you, be it flash cards, lists, or watching a YouTube revision channel!
  • Hide away distractions!  Mine used to be a console so that was put away, but I alway found studying to music helped!  Your teen will know theres just ask them to be honest with themselves! 
  • Stay healthy, get out and do some excercise, avoid energy drinks so you don't have those ridiculous spikes in energy levels because after that will be a massive drop!  Instead drink plenty of water 
  • Finally I would say that if you find yourself really stuck Ask for help, be it from your teacher (just because you are on study leave it doesn't mean they are not there for help), parents, friends or online forums!  You won't have been the first to go through this issue or be stuck on a subject!

If the above doesn't help then have a look at the following links:

The Student Room - they have an excellent Revision notes section

BBC Bitesize - Its good and provides a different way to revise

Collins / Lets - Parents guide to GCSE Revision (downloads a PDF)

If you have any other tips for parents feel free to add them below! 

Most of all fingers crossed and roll on results in August!