Is it really that much of a shock...??

Often when I meet new people, especially other parents the conversation goes a little something like this:

A Parent:  How many Kids do you have?
Me: Two
A Parent: Boys / Girls? How old?
Me: 2 Girls, one is 10 the other is 19?

Now follows a moment of comprehension, they think, look at me, stutter a little bit and then usually follow up with something like:

A Parent: Wow you started young!
A Parent: You don't look that old! 

Well they are correct on one fact, I am not "that" old (despite feeling it last week spending time with loads of younger parent bloggers)

I guess you can call us a modern family! Yes I do have two girls and yes there is a 9 year age gap between them, but I tell you what it certainly works!  I see my sister and the hard work having 2 youngsters can be and think... perhaps our way was better! 

When people have recovered from the shock, I often go on to tell them that I recommend the large age gap! It certainly helped when Katy was a baby, as Ashleigh wanted to be involved and help out!  It certainly helped having an extra pair of hands available when Mel was not around or vice versa! 

Now I have never discussed this on the blog before (I don't think), I have certainly never felt a need to but it will help explain the reason for the age gap! (not that it needs one)  I am not Ashleigh's biological father.... but I am her Dad!  Mel and I have been together since she was 4!  Her biological father has never been in her life (his loss) and I am very lucky to have her in my life! 


It was very rewarding seeing Ash grow up in those first 5 years Mel and I were together, she was  (and still is) a great kid, never difficult when we first got together and was a very polite, friendly and loving kid, such a credit to Mel! 

I have to admit when we found out Mel was pregnant I had a mild panic, yes I knew I could be a good parent but I had no bloody idea what to do with a baby! Give me a child from 4 years and up and I was there, I knew how to entertain them, what they liked etc but a baby... that was a whole new experience, one I must add that I loved and go to grips with very quickly! 

But back to my original point, should it really be a shock that I have a 19 year old daughter, yes its not the norm but please don't open you mouth like a fly trap, after all things happen for a reason! 

We live in a modern world, people and families change, I often wonder what people are thinking in that moment when they realise I am 35 and they do the math!  Should I care?  nope and to tell the truth I don't give a damn what other people think about it! 

Now I know I previously did, I used to quickly add "well technically she is my step daughter"  But I haven't done that for years, not least because there is no need to justify myself but mainly because I don't see Ashleigh as anything other than my daughter! 

If you have an age gap between your kids have you experienced anything like this?

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