Visiting Pembrokeshire.....

As the title suggest, this year at some point we will no doubt be visiting Pembrokeshire!  This is something that I have done many times over the years.   If you will let me rewind for a moment and tell you a little story! 

Back in October 2000, I met a lovely girl called Mel, I thought she was from Essex as that was where she lived and where we had our first date, we started to see each other.... a lot (perhaps to much for the start of a relationship!) but I can honestly say we fell in love very quickly!   One thing I quickly found out was Mel was not from Essex originally but from a little town in Pembrokeshire in South West Wales.  I had never visited there and was intrigued! 

Mel's Nan still lives there and back in early 2001 we were lucky enough to be able to go down to this little town and call her Nan's home a base to enable us to explore this fantastic county!   Over the years we got to go to Pembrokeshire, at least once a year and I very quickly fell in love with the place! If you have never been I highly recommend it and not just in the summer, ok it is a little wetter outside of the summer months, actually it can even be wet in the summer months  (it is Wales after all).  I thought I would share with you some of my favourite places to visit...... I won't be able to include all of them in this one post so may do another one but for now here goes:

Lifes a beach! 

This is one thing that Pembrokeshire has plenty of, and they have some amazing sights to share! 

The excellent Freshwater West 

The excellent Freshwater West 

Of first on my list has to be Freshwater West! This is one of my favourite places in the world! Whether it is a blazing hot sunny day, or torrential rain and rough sea I love visiting!  The beach is huge, it has a rocky jagged shore line to the south and then as you walk along the beach has cliffs to the north!  

There are a number of car parks and view points, the main car park has a gentle but uneven slope leading down to the beach or you can park at one of the more secluded car parks to the north and walk across the very sandy dunes that surround most of the beach!  I am pleased to say this beach now has a lifeguard on duty but still has strong currents so not the best for very young children to explore!  

If you want a nice walk and some stunning views this is ideal, and any Harry Potter fans may notice the beach as the resting place of the beloved Dobby! 

Second is Newgale, this is a truly amazing beach, protected by huge stone sea defences (that were actually breached in 2014).  a great beach for the family with great sand, but the tide often goes out very far!  This beach can often be a great one for watching sports, whether it be surfers in the traditional sense or people kite surfing or kite buggying all over the place!  This beach also has a great campsite (one on my list to visit with the new tent) just behind the beach, but be warned in good weather this site can get full quickly! 

A couple of family friendly beaches I love is also Broad Haven and Angel Beach!  Both have their plus points!  Both are very sandy, Broad Haven is slightly busier as it is in a little town with a couple of pubs and a shop or two.  Angel is not as commercial but has a little shop that sells ice cream, Angel is also in a little bay that is sometimes better protected in windy weather!  Both have great little rock pools to explore! 

If you time it right as well as with a lot of Pembrokeshire beaches at Broad Haven you can go for a brisk walk out and around the rocks back into little haven just along the coast but be very careful as you don't want to get caught out by the quickly returning tide! 

King of my Castle....

Again around the little town in Pembrokeshire that my in laws live are a number of great castles!  One of the most popular being Pembroke Castle which is great for all the family to explore and plenty to see as well as some stunning views from the top! 

One of my favourites is Carew Castle over looking the Carew River, over looking a huge millpond with fantastic picnic area and stunning old bridge this is a great place to take some amazing photos.

There are a number of other places I have not covered off in this post but am concerned this is going on a bit so will cover this off in another post, but these include places such as Folly Farm, Bluestone, Bosherston Lilly Ponds, St Govans to name a few!