Disney's Tomorrowland .... Our review

Pic: Disney

Pic: Disney

So it being a typical Bank Holiday weekend, it was raining the youngest was bored and no plans so decided to take her and my little niece for a trip to the cinema to see the new film Disney's Tomorrowland! 

Both of them had said in the week that they "Reeeeaaalllllyyy want to see that" so a quick (well it was once I finally managed to get hold of her) call to my sister and it was arranged!  Being an Unlimted card holder for Cineworld I quickly popped on the app and booked the seats for a nice midday showing with a great view! 

I really wasn't sure what to expect from this movie.   If you haven't seen the trailer check it out here, I knew it had George Clooney in it as well as Britt Robertson, you may know her from the TV series Under the dome! 

If I can give you a quick brief without any spoilers! The story follows the life of Casey Newton (Britt) a space geek whose dad works at NASA and Frank Walker (George) a child genius who has seen more than most boys of his age! Their worlds collide but have both been passed a pin that makes funny things happen and seems to give the holder a glimpse of another world in space or time! 

Ok this is a kids movie mainly and I stupidly hadn't checked out the rating before going and when it flashed up that it was a 12A I had a mild panic as my niece is only 5! Luckily I need not have worried! 

The film was great, the cinematography was breath taking in places with dramatic and often futuristic CGI landscapes, impressively the story kept the 5 year olds attention for the full 2 hours+ 

If you are looking for something to do over the weekend then I do recommend it, the film was a entertaining and really didn't seem that long, an excellent child adventure movie, which you would expect from a Disney movie! 

The film is apparently based on the vision Walt Disney himself originally had for Epcot (I am not sure if this is true or just hype from a journalist!

There was however a couple very annoying parts, the first was product placement! The advert for coca cola could not have been any more blatant if they tried (please let me know if you go and watch if you feel the same), the second was the banging on about the environment!! Don't get me wrong I think certain countries are still burying their head in the sand when it comes to the environment but is a film the right place for this, especially as I think the younger generations are cutely aware of the issues our planet faces!

Overall though I asked them both to sum up the film and they said it was "Cool brilliant and adventurous" ....Job done I guess for the (slightly younger) target audience!