The camping goal takes a step closer

I posted this blog post a few weeks ago about having a family goal to go camping! 

I was hesitant at first, the teenager out right said she would never go (That was not a surprise), the little geek was excited and Mel was well..... hesitant! 

I had worked out a list of what we would need then gulped massively! It wasn't going to be cheap!  The list stayed where it was, safely tucked away in my evernote! 

Then I got a massive and generous surprise from the parents!  They offered to take me on a little shopping trip to pick up some camping supplies!  I was very excited, crossing a few things off the list would be fantastic, little did I know that my parents would help me cross off some of the fundamentals such as a tent, camp beds, table, gas cooker and sleeping bags!! 

Just on a side note I am very luckily to have such supportive parents, they have helped me out more in my lifetime than I could ever probably repay them! It doesn't  help me feel less guilty but I know they do get enjoyment hearing what we have planned and have got up to! 

After the shopping spree and after I had picked myself up off the floor of GoOutdoors we had enough to at least go on a short trip!  That hasn't happened yet but hopefully will in the coming weeks! 

This weekend however we did a practice setup of the tent and awning!  I have to be honest I was dreading it, I am calm most of the time but rarely when it involves both the wife and myself working together! 

I looked at setting it up in our garden but our little courtyard garden just wasn't big enough!  Thankfully rather than using the common my sister let us use her garden!  Here is where this goal could have gone all terribly wrong!  But to mine and surprise of the wife we didn't! 

I have to admit she might have gritted her teeth (more than a couple of times!) but we did it!  The guidance said the tent should take 30 mins to set up and it took us just a little longer to do that!! The difficult part was the awning, working out how this extension connected to the tent took a little head scratching and a few WTF! but we go there! 

I was over the moan, Mel really liked the tent and was surprised at how much space there was (stupidly she didn't come with us when we went to get it).

Now I just need to talk her into taking the next step and choosing a campsite for a couple of nights away!!   I also need the British weather to play its part now and give us a sunny weekend so as not to scare or put Mel off for life!! 

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