End of an Era.....


Every parent will remember when their little baby started teething... mainly because it signalled the start of some nights with very little sleep, baby producing some spectacularly runny poo (sorry for that mental image), and a dribbling child with bright red cheeks! 

Fast forward 10 years and I am now faced with a child that has just had the last of her baby teeth removed (because in the dentist words.... they would never fall out)!  It is the end of an Era! The tooth fairy has called at our house for one last time!  

It became a tradition in our house that the little one would put the tooth in a little paper pouch and would right a little note to the tooth fairy, and in turn the tooth fairy would leave some money!  

It was a moment I used to enjoy and Katy used to get so excited to see if anything had been left and the tooth taken.... One year the tooth fairy nearly forgot to visit! 

It looks like the tooth fairy paid over the odds this year to mark this special and final occasion! 

It feels like this is one of the last bits of childhood in our house leaving, she is growing up fast, I have said that before in posts and I have to admit I am a little sad!  I am a big kid at heart and used to enjoy these precious moments!  This will now be replaced no doubt by a few strops teenage style as well as some proud moments as like her sister she will grow in to an amazing young lady! 

Please excuse me for a moment whilst I go and make a cup of tea and cry in the corner say thank god that is over!