Hotel Football: Two of my favourite things... Hotels and Football!

Ok I am unlucky (yes unlucky) enough to travel around the UK with work! 

My youngest and the wife hates me going away and the teenager has no idea what is going on as this text shows:

But when I travel with work budget is always at the forefront of my mind (I am a responsible employee like that)!   I want to be comfortable but I don't like hotels that rip people off with crazy pricing! 

I had to come up to Manchester this week for a client meeting and whilst looking on our work booking system up popped Hotel Football, if you don't know about them it is a hotel in Manchester next to the United ground, near my clients office and reasonably priced so I went ahead and booked it not sure what to expect!

Parking was easy as they have their own car park a short walk across the road from the hotel, check in was nice and you are greeted by a minimalist reception but a very friendly one! 

I could only get a twin room when booking as I left it to a week before the meeting to book, but when I got into the room I was very impressed, its modern (as you would expect from a new hotel), the beds are really comfortable and a bug bear of mine is hotel pillows, I am pleased to say Hotel Football have some of the most comfortable pillows I have ever laid my head on!!  

The room comes with an excellent Samsung TV with all the HD sport channels (Perfect!) and a decent size desk as I had a fair amount of work to catch up on! 

I didn't have a view of Old Trafford but could see across to Media City so a good view as well from up on the 7th Floor! 

I popped down for a quick bite to eat in Cafe Football, and the food and service was excellent, despite the restaurant being busy with 2 very large groups in service was not impacted!  I opted for The Special One piri pier chicken burger, which was very good with goat cheese, red onion the burger was not too dry!, this came with some excellent proper chips! (sorry I was so hungry I forgot to take the compulsory dinner Instagram!).

Good Morning..... @hotelfootballuk

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Following a quick bite I went back up to my room to finish some work and finish watching the Woman's World Cup!  My late night working was helped with a bit of sugar thanks to the complimentary sweets and drinks in the room!

A bit hesitant about the single beds but I need not have worried they were very comfortable and a good night sleep was had, so much so I was able to wake up early and catch up on some more work and feeling very productive! 

The bathroom also has the most amazing shower which again shows the quality and thought that has gone into this hotel!

Anyone coming to Manchester for the football or just for a city visit I certainly would recommend this hotel, all the staff I have encountered are very friendly and the quality of the hotel is excellent!!


As you walk around the hotel there is plenty of football themed items, such as the panini sticker wallpaper or in the restaurant a mural wall showing all the Evolution of World Cup footballs

Perhaps I should book this now for when we (Spurs) play Man Utd on 8th August for our first game of the season!! 

Away day anyone?

Just for clarity this is not a sponsored post, but when I stay somewhere that is a nice surprise and a place I would recommend I do like to share my thoughts! 


Oh and did I mention there is an astroturf pitch on the roof???