Facebook working with publishers.... but what about bloggers?

You may have seen in the news that Facebook has plans to start working with publishers, with what it calls Facebook Instant Articles.  This shouldn't come as a surprise for many, as most bloggers or anyone who runs a website knows, if you get the social interaction correct Facebook can be a great driver for traffic.

Credit: facebook.com

Credit: facebook.com

If you have not seen this, there is a great article on Wired UK's site about this and why publishers should not be afraid or you can read the press release from Facebook, but in simple terms Instant Articles is a new product in their armoury that enables publishers to create fast, interactive articles hosted directly on Facebook.   I guess you could say something similar to what Snapchat have already done with its Discover feature introduced earlier this year.  

The benefit to publishers being that the content will load very quickly compared to links to external sites, and will be able to load video, pictures and maps within the article in very clever ways.

Facebook announcement has confirmed that they are working initially with 9 news publishers such as, The Guardian, BBC News, Buzzfeed, National Geographic to name a few.

But this article has got me thinking, what if in time they were able to extend this Instant Articles out to bloggers?  This could be really powerful, imagine rather than having a Facebook Page to share links to your articles if people could read, watch and interact to your articles right from within their news feed.

Would this appeal to you as a blogger? Could in time this replace your actual blog?

Another reason for publishers to be excited is Instant Articles will enable publishers to include adverts which will extend their revenue streams as well as for Facebook to add its own adverts and share the revenue from them with publishers.

But I would love to know what you think of this as a Facebook user but also those of you that blog would this appeal to you if it was offered as a feature in the future? (blimey thats a tongue twister!!)

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