Inkly App: Perfect for those who are not organised like me!

I am far from the most organised person out there, I am slowly getting better though!  Be it with planning blog posts or letting the wife know where in the country I am with work and not tell her that morning that I won't be home until the next day! 

One thing I am rubbish at is present buying, I am even worse at cards!  I sometimes remember when I have to buy them and who I have to get them for but for some reason I often forget a couple!   

Yes alright I know you can buy cards online and have them sent directly, but its so blatantly clear that you have done that and it doesn't feel like personnel enough for me!  I might as well just send an email with a picture saying "Happy Birthday" or whatever occasion its for! 

Now imagine my pleasure, especially as Fathers day was approaching, that the folks at Inkly Cards approached me with a couple of free discount codes to try out the service! 

Excellent, for a change my dad would be getting a card in time for the actual day, especially with BritMums clashing with the same weekend and being away with work twice in the week running up I knew I was going to be short of time! 

So whilst sitting in my room at Hotel Football on the Wednesday prior to Fathers Day, I downloaded the app, and prepared to send my dad a card, expecting it to be very frustrating! 

Oh how wrong was I.... Literally took me about 5 minutes and that was down to being so indecisive over which are to send! 

I also sent the second code to Ashleigh, so she could send me a card!  And I couldn't have been happier, the thing I love is the app uses your handwriting.  You just need to write out on a blank sheet of paper your message, take a photo of it using the app and as if by magic a couple of days later the card arrives.

I thought I would share the pictures of my Fathers Day card Ashleigh sent me! 

Great quality and again I love that it is in her handwriting! 

As for the app it really is so simple to use, you have the choice of normal cards, or edible ones were you can add your own photos.  One feature I love is the ability to remember the cards you have sent, as well as received.  On the back of the card is a barcode that you can scan and it will show you a copy of the card in the app..... brilliant and geeky! Right up my street!  You also have the ability to link it to Facebook to get reminders! 

Overall really happy with the app and speed of delivery! 

Disclaimer: For clarity I was not paid for this post however received a code for 2 free cards!