Giving Blood.... its all in the planning! #DYGGiveBlood

With news this morning that new blood donors in England and Wales has dropped by 40% in the past decade I thought I would share my experiences! 

First of all I started giving blood over a decade ago, I think when I was actually 18 or 19, the main reason was because I could, it was my little way to help out people that needed it more than I did! 

There are always sessions available, but you just need to plan ahead, very few session in my experience have appointments for people just to drop in and give blood, and my local session is very much like that! I often book my next session whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit after giving my pint (just short of!)

But my questions and I guess you could say challenge to you is why do you not give blood?  Of my friends I only know of a couple that regularly give blood, I also get that some people are unable to ..... so what is the excuse for the rest of you?

Never before have I realised how much people need blood than when my mum was in hospital after a couple of major ops and requiring a fair amount of blood!  It really doesn't take long, I was tweeting with a fellow tweeter about how it only takes me just over 6 minutes once it starts flowing, but of course the whole getting in being checked etc takes a little longer!! 

Finding a blood donor session couldn't be any more simple, visit  search for your nearest session and book an appointment! 

I therefore urge any of you reading this post to :

1 - share with this post with your friends

2- comment below to let me know you have booked on to the next course in your area!