Is my iCloud secure??? I am not so sure!

I think it is..... and I should say think!  But if I am honest I am not 100% totally sure! 

I have previously wrote a blog post about how 2 step verification is your friend!  and in theory it should be, what this does is require confirmation from one of my other Apple devices before I or anyone else can log in to my iCloud! 

I have this on all my accounts including my email and social networks, in theory unless somebody steals my phone etc and then works out my passwords can they then access my account!  So all secure wouldn't you agree?

I thought so to until for some reason (I don't know why) I decided to log on to and check 'Find My iPhone' to make sure all my devices were showing up! As I went through the list all looked good, iPhone? Check, iPad? Check, Wifes devices? Check, Little geeks iPad? Check ..... Some random Macbook Pro in France? Check.... hangon  WHAT THE......???????

Did I buy a Macbook and forget and leave it in France?  From memory nope! was it a glitch on my Macbook just showing the incorrect location....? Ummm where is my Macbook on find my iPhone! 

Here is the second strange bit, my Macbook wasn't showing! After going through the settings on my Macbook and signing in and out of iCloud on the settings it suddenly reappeared as you would expect but the strange foreign Macbook that certainly isn't mine was still there!  I suddenly start to wonder can they access my data?  If I can see them can they see me?  

I log on to the apple support site and have a text chat with an engineer that needs to refer this on to somebody else!  I would get a call back the following day at 1.45pm! As always they kept to their word and Apple called me to discuss the issue! 

I should point out that as soon as I saw an unknown device on my account I changed my password and forced a sign out on every device, if you ever find yourself in this position I recommend doing the same! 

After going through a number of checks with me and sharing my screen so they could see what I could, the support confirmed she would need to pass this on to a senior engineer!  After a bit of hold music Mark, a senior engineer for Apple came on the line and went through a few more questions, including have I been to France!  It became quiet clear he was concerned with how this had happened and had no idea why or how!  He was stumped! 

Now another referral on to an iCloud engineer, Mark would need to speak to him and then come back to me!  Nearly 24 hours on I am awaiting a response!

Mark tried to reassure me that my information was secure, if anything he said the other persons Macbook was more at danger, if I wanted to be malicious I could wipe the Macbook the same as I could to any of my devices through the find my phone app! 

So I shouldn't be concerned.... or should I?  What if my devices are also appearing on somebody else's device?  

I am seriously put out by this, as of this morning the device is still showing, and there is not much else I can do until Apple get back to me!   I also guess I am not as concerned as the person whose Macbook I can see, and a good job I am not evil and have locked, wiped or repeatedly played a sound on the Macbook! 

I will keep you posted on how this progresses!