The littlest daughter is happy!

We spoke about when is the right time for a phone for the little geek previously in this post, and it looks like the right time is now!   If you have a Tween (sorry I hate that saying but it works) and have not been asked the question "Can I have a phone?" then prepare yourself as I am sure it is just around the corner! 

She is 10 going on 20, and very grown up for her age!  As such we want to give her more independence and as a number of her friends already have phones we have agreed to get Little Geek an iPhone.

It will only be the iPhone 5C, in a nice vivid pink colour!

Now we have agreed it has made me think of what we need to do before letting her loose with it!  I want this to be a positive time for her (she is beyond excited), I don't want it to be negative, they often hear a list of do's and even more don'ts! There will be some restrictions but we will fully explain the reason for them rather than just saying "Because I said" 

These are a few of the steps we are taking prior to letting her run off with it:

  • Ensuring the network providers content lock is in place, this will stop them accidentally googling upon in appropriate site!! 
  • Enabling Restrictions, within iOS this will control what she can and can't access, such as only being able to access apps with a suitable age rating and disabling in app purchases.
  • Adjust Location services and disable any apps you may not wish to share the phones location
  • Limiting the age of content such as Music, Videos and Apps! 

We will also discuss with Little Geek the consequences of using the phone and of course the plus sides!  But this isn't to say the phone will not come without rules!! 

This will first and foremost include that she is not to sign up to any social networks, I still feel that she is too young for them and we have already discussed this with her a number of times and she gets the issues, after all most have a minimum age of 13 for a reason! 

Our main reason for allowing her to have a phone after all this time of asking is because she now needs a phone to stay connected with us when at clubs etc and for use in emergency situations! 

She has had an iPad for a while which is great but not what I want her taking out the house etc and Little Geek has in the main kept to timings on when and when not to use this, apart from once nearly dropping it in the bath it has been all good!  She has also proved with the iPad that she can be trusted on which apps to download.

I would say if you have any concerns with the above then perhaps now is not the right time for a phone for your Tween! 

As she is growing it will be important that she knows how to use tools such as a smartphone in a responsible way, and with guidance I am sure she will be fine! 

If you have already been through this has there been any issues you have run in to?  Or things you wish you did differently?