Puberty: Its Tough....

I feel like a bit of a peace keeper at the moment! The little one is going through changes that mean she is not so little anymore! 

It feels like every day I see an old picture of her and am astonished by how much she has changed in a year! She is growing so tall but its not just that, her moods have become erratic, more so than her sisters (from what I remember) although Ash is always in a bloody mood (Joking Ash!)

The little one at an unhappy moment, so naturally I took a picture! 

The little one at an unhappy moment, so naturally I took a picture! 

We sat down with her recently to talk her through puberty, hopefully without scaring her in the process, we also discussed what her body is going through!  I explained that she is going through puberty and that changes would happen to her physically as well as mentally!  

We have been honest with her, told her it is not going to be easy!  I also told her that she is probably going through this before a lot of her friends at school, she is one of the oldest in her year and group of friends, and is by far the tallest!  

I also shared my experience, how I was the opposite, and was well into senior school (I think) before I really started to change, and how I hated PE at school as all the other boys where much taller, more hairy than me and more developed muscles, the changing rooms where a nightmare and made me totally self conscious! 

We explained that we are happy to talk about this whenever she wants!  Recently the mood swings have become more frequently but to her credit she has been realising when she has been stroppy, moody or just simply gone nuts for the stupidest of reasons!  It can be as simple as being hungry or more drastic such as she thinks everybody hates her! 

In a way it is like having a toddler again, going through those terrible two's except this time its getting all in your face shouting! 

Sometime I have had to stop myself from laughing (sorry Katy) but she has lost it over the most stupid reasons, such as a toy ball/rocket thing braking.... it was from the £1 shop! 

Any of you with younger kids have this to come, and those with older kids you know what it is like! The strange thing is I don't remember the oldest having the mood swings at such a young age, yes they came but not at 10 years of age!   I guess every child is different! 

But for now we are trying to remain calm, not freak out that we are getting old and be as supportive as we can!  We have already reassured her that she is not alone and this is all entirely normal,  I bet every one of us can remember what it is like, how you felt at the time, and how bloody scary it is...... or was that just me?