Meet Beme - A new social media app

Have you heard about this new social media app? No?  Good job your resident geek is all over it then! 

Let me start with a bit of background on this app, it is a concept thought of by Casey Neistat, a guy I have been following on YouTube through his daily vlogs for a while.  He made some pretty serious money through hard work and some off the wall adverts, really pushing client briefs away from the norm.  I have to say I am a fan of Casey Neistat, his out look on life and commitment to working hard is a good ethos that a lot of people could learn! 

Back to Beme though, its not pronounced Be Me (as you may think), but Beem!

So what is Beme? I hear you ask, like a lot of great apps its a very simple idea, its a video sharing app but rather than having to watch your screen whilst recording you can just ensure the sensor on your phone is covered and it will automatically start video when you are in the app.

As Casey describes in the video below "Social media is supposed to be a digital or virtual version of who we are as people, Instead it's this highly sculpted, calculated, calibrated version of who we are, told through filters that make our eyes bluer and carefully selected images to portray a version of who we are that doesn't really resemble the reality of things."

I think we can all agree to taking a photo or video and thinking no way I want to share that, but why shouldn't we just be who we are?

In this video Casey describes further details about the app:

I have been using the app for a day or so now, and it has great potential, it's aimed at using with your "real" friends as well as finding new people to share a small glimpse of your life with! 

When watching videos you have to hold your finger on the screen otherwise the video will stop, similar to snapchat!  but with this you can react to watch you are watching but simply moving your finger and the camera will catch your reactions! 

As with all social media apps I am looking forward to seeing how this grows and develops, Casey described the initial release as a bit of a "Hot Mess" and a more refined update should be released in the next week or so! 

The team at Beme are also working on an Android version that will be release as soon as possible! 

If you are on Beme you can find me under the usual name of Dadyougeek!  This is a soft release and at present the only way to get access to the app once downloaded is to get an unlock code from an existing user!